October 4, 2016

Computer Repair

Computer Laptop PC Fix Remove Virus

Computer Repair – How it Works:

Schedule an appointment to bring your Laptop, Desktop or All-in-one Computer to our location in Mechanicsburg, PA:

Be prepared to describe the problem(s) you are experiencing (e.g. Running Slow, Virus, Pop-Ups, Missing Key on the Keyboard, Battery Won’t Hold a Charge, Blue Screen, etc.).

Our skilled technicians will run a thorough diagnostic check on your device.

*Depending on the nature of the problem you are experiencing, diagnostic times may vary.

The computer diagnostic fee is $44.99 plus tax ($89.99 plus tax for custom/gaming PCs).  However, if you decide to have the repair done at Gadget Lab, we will waive the diagnostic fee and only charge you for the repair itself.

Once our technicians have completed the diagnostic check, we will contact you with a solution and an estimated price quote for the repair.

  • If we need to order a specific part – you pay a security deposit for the part.  Once the part arrives, we will complete the repair. The remaining balance, including the labor charge, is paid once a repair is complete.


computer remote support

Unable to bring your computer to us?  Schedule a Remote Session with one of our computer technicians.

During a Remote Session, a technician will connect to your computer quickly and securely. With the ability to remote into your machine, Gadget Lab can provide one-on-one assistance and/or troubleshooting for many technical issues that you might be experiencing.  Schedule a remote session today!

*Internet Connection and Access to a Browser is Required for a Remote Session


computer on-site repair

On-Site Computer and Network Assistance:

This is an excellent option if you need help setting up, servicing, or repairing your home or office computer network.  Schedule an On-Site Session and Gadget Lab will send a highly-trained technician right to your door.   Sit back, relax and let Gadget Lab resolve all of your technical issues. Schedule an on-site session today!

*Hourly On-Site Rates Apply