October 6, 2016

Find Your Model Number

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How to Locate Your Phone’s Model Number

One question Gadget Lab will always ask you when doing a phone repair is “What is your phone’s Model Number?”.  Model numbers can be found in a number of different locations depending on which device you have.  Here is a guide to helping you locate your model number quickly and easily.

On the Back of the Phone:

Many devices have the model number conveniently located on the back of the phone.  A majority of Apple iPhones, as well as Samsung, LG, Blackberry, Motorola and HTC smartphones have this information displayed on the back of the device in fine print.

Find your model number

Model number iPhone 6S Repair

Under Your Battery:

Not all phones have removable backs/batteries these days (e.g. Apple iPhone do not), but there are still plenty of phones out there that do. The phones that DO have removable batteries, usually have the model number listed on a sticker under the battery.  If you are unsure if your phone’s back/battery is removable, or if you do not feel comfortable removing the back/battery, feel free to schedule an appointment to bring your device in and one of our technicians will be happy to assist you locate the model information. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FORCEFULLY REMOVE THE BACK/BATTERY FROM ANY PHONE! 

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In Your Phone’s Settings:

A majority of phones have the model number listed in the Settings Menu of the phone.  These menu options can vary greatly for each make and model. On top of that, menu layouts change frequently, sometimes when your phone does a routine system update.  Having a complete list of menu structures for every device out there is near impossible and would prove to be extremely complicated, but here are a few examples of how to navigate through a menu that may help guide you in your search.

Apple iPhone:  >Settings>General>About

iPhone 6S Plus FixSamsung:  >Settings>More>About Phone

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